hedgerow treasures / sample work

Carole Johnston

in my dreams
I find Merlin wandering
among the hedgerows
I should have been born
inside a druid oak

once I was
a tree silvered
by the moon

you might find her
sleeping inside the yew hedge
the wild woman with
her rosary berries
she’s the keeper in the green

Carole Johnston lives in Lexington, Kentucky USA where she drives around Bluegrass backroads with a notebook and camera in the front seat, capturing the haiku moment.

Dominic Moriarty



Dominic Moriarty is a Fine Arts photographer based in Ireland … a love and awareness of nature is a central theme in his work. A broader selection of his art is available to view and purchase as giclée prints @ http://www.dominicmoriartyphotography.com

Chase Gagnon

in my florescent office
I wonder…
how small are the fairies
in the bonsai forest
on my desk?

When I return to the earth
I’ll let the fairies play hide and seek
with my bones
in hopes that they’ll hollow
my phalanges into little flutes
so music can flow
from the tips of my fingers
that crafted countless poems.

Chase Gagnon is a student from Detroit, who loves staying up all night drinking coffee and writing poetry. His poems have appeared in a number of journals and anthologies over the past two years.

Roary Williams

letting go
I breathe with the crickets
until stars appear

down from the roof
and across the fence
the moon and the
neighbor’s cat
headed home

out on a limb
chest puffed out
singing to anyone
who would listen
the chickadee and I

even before
I was born
my heart pulsing
to the rhythm
of rain

two swallows
detach from the train
then veer off the tracks

Roary Williams, Albuquerque New Mexico, USA, is a simple poet who loves nature and the seasons (@CoyoteSings)

Zee Zahava

dear one
come closer
my flame is going out

the two of us
breathing into the silence —
when did the clock stop?

I pour the tea
you butter the toast —
our waitress thinks we are sisters

Zee Zahava lives in Ithaca, N.Y. She writes most of her poems in a small notebook while taking her early morning walks. She is the editor of brass bell, an online haiku journal: http://brassbellhaiku.blogspot.com/

Laura Williams

autumn shelter …
a scarecrow’s coat pocket fills
with wren song

Laura Williams has been writing haiku and tanka since 2012. She lives in California, USA. http://www.foralovelything.blogspot.com

Paula Dawn Lietz


Paula Dawn Lietz ( Pd Lietz ) is an accomplished multi-genre artist, photographer and poet. http://www.pdlietzphotography.com


when they called me
“creole n*****!”
ran into grandma’s arms
she brushed tears aside
giving me a sweet dough lemon tart
nothing really needs to be said
to my right, the vivid blue of hydrangea this autumn

Matsukaze, has been writing tanka for the last 10 years. He is featured in Atlas Poetica, and the Tanka Kajin Club Magazine. He is the founder of the Chocolate Cosmos Tanka Study Group @CCosmosTankaSC on twitter.

Michael Tolleson



Michael Tolleson, Seattle, Washington, is an Autistic Savant Artist, who has no formal art training, but instead relies on the use of the huge amount of stored information that his Asperger’s mind has observed and retained. During his career of only 3 years of painting, he has painted more than 600 paintings, and each painting is usually completed in less than one hour of painting time regardless of size. He states that he feels trance-like during the actual act of painting, and is reluctant to take credit for the finished work as he feels the autism is actually the artist. http://www.MichaelTollesonArtist.com

Loretta Diane Walker


For the skin of words
in which you house
fragments of yourself.
For the distance your dreams
traveled to pitch a tent on the page.
For your poems that took off their boots
to walk barefoot through consciousness.
I carve your name in a stone of gratitude.

Loretta Diane Walker, Odessa, Texas, USA is a two time Pushcart nominee. She has published two books of poetry.


unnamed copy 5

gennepher, North Wales (UK), writes poetry on Twitter as @gennepher

Jon Wynne

The science
Of why we hear sound in a shell
Does nothing
To explain the voices we hear

Dad and lad holding hands
Big proud strong safe,
Small clutching a comic.
Big grins big boots
Stomping down the windy hill

Old Man’s Beard
Silvering the hedgerows
Snare the sunbeams
In your gentle decay

Jon Wynne lives in Hampshire and has been writing on & off for many years. People and places are the real poetry. ‘I just try to describe what I see and feel.’

12 thoughts on “hedgerow treasures / sample work

    • Alan, thanks for your query! for hedgerow i am looking for your best work, in your opinion, the pieces you wish to share with the world. this page, however, will feature sample work along with outstanding examples taken from the journal. hopefully it should give those interested in submitting to hedgerow a clearer idea of what we are looking for. thanks again Alan, a joy seeing you here …

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      • Looking forward to hearing from you. I’m assembling a submission of unpublished (except for shared commentary on Facebook) poems. I would have loved a few models here so as to get a sense, but I am going to set a limit of poetry under 16 lines. I hope that works.

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