submissions guidelines —

please send at least 10 poems. current as well as previous issues of hedgerow are all available to view online.

hedgerow publishes short poems and art. this includes micropoetry, haiku, senryu, tanka, haiga, cherita, visual poetry, digital art & photography. please familiarise yourself with the journal before submitting.

please note we do not send out rejections. you will only hear from us if & when your work has been selected for publication. a submission is stored for one month, unless otherwise stated.

you are welcome to send in new work at any time. if you prefer to submit work to be considered for one issue only, simply state this in your email.

simultaneous submissions are accepted, as long as you notify us when a piece has been accepted elsewhere.

work previously published on facebook, twitter, blogs etc permitted. however please make a note of this in your email.

send your submission along to: marked ‘SUBMISSION’ in capital letters followed by your name. please no attachments, except for images (jpeg preferred), rather copy and paste your poems into the body of the email.


thank you!




publication rights —


please note all rights revert to the respective author/s & artist/s upon publication, however if your work is republished we would appreciate a mention if this was the first place of publication. further, hedgerow retains the right to republish work either digitally or in print. no work featured here may be used, copied, sold or distributed elsewhere without the permission of the copyright holder.





21 thoughts on “submissions

  1. That’s a great idea, Caroline. Thank you so much. You will be hearing from me. At the moment I am getting my dragon finished. It took such a long time until I got the drawings.
    But they look nice.

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  5. I stumbled upon your website a week or so ago and have just signed up to your blog. I’ve been writing short form/ daily observational poems for about 2 years and in light by what you say on your submission page this seems like the kind of writing you may publish here. Next step is to select something to send if you think you might be interested.

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  6. I’ve checked the guidelines but can’t tell if you consider a themed set of five or so tanka. I have a set that I wrote surrounding my first husband’s recent death and want to find a good home for them together if that’s possible. I’m starting with you:-)



  7. I’ve just discovered your wonderful poetry journal. I am inspired by nature and write poems and illustrate them with my own photos. I have noted your email adress and will contact you soon with some of my poems and photos.


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